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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide appointments virtually, through online video?

Yes! ,

our expert physiotherapists provide physiotherapy visits through telehealth video conferencing.

Will physiotherapy be able to treat my problems?

We know that you may initially be unsure whether our services will be able to help you. We provide you phone consultation where you will be able to discuss your issues with one of our experienced staff.

We pride ourselves on helping patients who have been unable to find a solution elsewhere.

How long does a treatment session take and how many appointments do I need?

Usually, the treatment session takes 20-30 minutes but may vary according to the condition of the patient. The number of sessions you will need depends on your condition. Your therapist will discuss this with you at your initial assessment.

How should I dress?

We ask our patients to wear clothing appropriate to the type and area of injury. Shorts and t-shirts or tank tops are usually sufficient.

Why pain care clinic for pain management?

• Highly educated, experienced, and reputable clinicians.

• You will be properly diagnosed by a registered senior physiotherapist.

• Highly respected in the local medical community.

• For us "patient first " is not simply a marketing term, but the foundation behind the design of every aspect of our clinic.

10-minute Phone Consult

Try a free Consultation

Unsure if our services are appropriate for your problem? We offer phone consultation with a registered physiotherapist to discuss your issue and provide honest advice about treatment options.

Call us at 9041673799

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