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Two woman having a discussion in a medical consultation
Two woman having a discussion in a physiotherapy consultation
Two woman having a discussion in a medical consultation

Importance of PhysioTherapy treatments to lessen your deep pain

Although physiotherapy is considered a modern medical method, it is a combination of massage and exercise prescriptions that have been going on for centuries in India. The importance of physiotherapy can be seen in an effective way to avoid or deal with many diseases like mental stress, pain in the knees, back, or waist, without taking medicine or getting incisions. At present, most people are turning to physiotherapy to avoid the hassle of medicines, as it is not only less costly but also the possibility of its side effects is negligible.

Dr. Arti pain clear clinic employed various methods like sometimes using Hot Fomentation Therapy and other combined therapies to treat the patients. There is often too much confusion regarding the injury. Whether to prefer cold therapy or hot therapy. The treatment relies on the kind of injury you have sustained.

Hot Fomentation Therapy in Chronic injuries

Chronic injuries generally do not appear with an immediate onset. The hot fomentation therapy can be a boon. As they verge to slowly grow over a time of days, weeks, or longer and are continually resulting in biomechanical abnormality. A chronic injury can also be affected by an acute injury that fails to recover due to a lack of improper treatment.

In such a case, the Hot Fomentation Therapy should be applied for approximately 15-20 minutes in the pattern of hot water bottles, heat rub, a warm damp towel, or commercially accessible heat pads. If using something such as a hot water bottle, secure an adequate sheet of protection that should be positioned over the skin to avoid burns.

In general, heat should be utilized to treat chronic injuries, to help in relaxing the tight aching muscles and joints, boost the elasticity of tendons and ligaments, and increase the blood flow to the specific area. Hot fomentation therapy can also be used ahead to exercise in chronic injuries to warm up the muscles and improve flexibility. The only time ice should be used on chronic injuries is after exercise, to reduce any residual swelling.

Swd in physiotherapy

Swd therapy (Shortwave diathermy) operates high-frequency electromagnetic energy to produce heat. The swd in physiotherapy is involved in pulsed or continuous energy waves. It has also been used to treat pain from kidney stones and pelvic inflammatory disease. Swd in physiotherapy generally used for conditions that induce pain and muscle spasms such as:





The beneficial consequence of swd in physiotherapy for traumatic conditions contains fluid education, increases blood flow, removal of waste product, etc, the increased blood flow makes more nutritive material, so assist in the healing procedure.

Acute injuries treatment in the importance of physiotherapy

If we talk about Acute injuries those mainly occur from traumatic incidents for example twisting movement and a fall. 

In case of acute injury first occurs, inflammation, swelling, bleeding. When an acute injury first occurs, bleeding,  and pain must all be controlled. Ice should be applied as quickly to cool the tissues, lessen their metabolic rate and nerve conduction velocity and result in vasoconstriction of the enclosing blood vessels. Ice should continue in contact for up to 20 minutes at a time relying on the size of the area being treated and the depth of the injured tissues. The ice often should be reapplied every 1-3 hours.

Following almost the first 3-5 days of an acute injury, once bleeding has ended and there are no indications of inflammation, you may like to rotate cold and hot fomentation treatments. That is you can apply cold for 10 minutes, followed instantly by 10 minutes of the heat. Performing this results in huge boosts in blood flow to the area as the vasoconstriction induced by cooling reverses when heat is applied, occurring in an influx of blood to the worsened tissues. Assure all bleeding has ended before applying this method. Blood is vitally significant in giving all of the energy and nutrients that the body requires for restoration. These certain therapies like swd therapy and hot fomentation therapy  ways carry importance in physiotherapy 

Our objective

Physiotherapy means to relax the patient through scientifically exercising the pain or discomfort part of the body muscles, joints, bones, and nerves. Although most people believe that only yoga and some exercises are physiotherapies, it is not so. We as a specialist in physiotherapy know the importance of physiotherapy and treat with the help of a variety of exercises and new technology machines. In today's lifestyle, we are not able to use our bodily systems properly for a long time and when the body is not tolerant then it becomes vulnerable to various diseases and pains. Medicines give immediate relief. But taking them for a long time is not considered safe. 

Experienced physiotherapist in Dr.Arti Pain Care Clinic applies all highly advanced physiotherapy methods. To arrange an assessment with Dr. Artis's pain clinic please contact us or call. You can also visit our website. 

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