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Two woman having a discussion in a medical consultation
Two woman having a discussion in a physiotherapy consultation
Two woman having a discussion in a medical consultation

IFT in physiotherapy caters effective relaxation from pain

As we all know a minor pain like a pain caused by a sprain, injury or headache can create troubles in our life. Now, you can Imagine the life of those people who are enduring such pain and discomfort caused by a diseasefor a lifetime , can't imagine it right?

 Well, we are thankful there’s a non-invasive solution to this and the solution name is the Portable IFT Physiotherapy Machine.

Clinically , IFT  stands for Interferential Therapy. It is a clinically approved treatment modality. This ift in physiotherapy is highly recommended and it is very often practiced therapy by the  physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is especially a great method for pain specialists. They have used it for treating strains and muscle spasms  for many years now. 

Ift physiotherapy is totally drug-free, non-invasive method of healing and pain relief . It is infused in small size, portable and  handy devices with several interferential modes. There are other settings too that are sufficient enough for delivering a ‘proper’ IFT physiotherapy at home.

IFT is a very good machine that helps us in our day-to-day tasks. First of all let's look at the indications of differential therapy, the indications mean the benefits.

Advantages of ift in physiotherapy

  • First Interferential Therapy in Arthritis
  • In muscle sprain
  • In muscle weakness
  • Used in sports injuries and circulation disorders.

In physiotherapy, with the help of machines, that is, electrotherapy is given relief in the disease. Machines mainly used in machines like Tense, Traction, IFT, Laser, Ultrasonic etc. Apart from this, wax method is also used in some treatments.

We talk about its contraindications, situations in which this ift physiotherapy is not to be used.

First of all, Cardiac Disease Whenever the patient has any cardiac disease, you do not have to use differential therapy.

Second, even if we fall asleep in any part of the body in the race, you do not have to use differential therapy. 

Third, if your patient is pregnant.

Most important of all, if the patient is fitted with a pacemaker, then you do not have to use the differential at all.

Ift Physiotherapy is a medical system that does not require medicines, injections and operations, but regularity and moderation are important. 

Why it is important to add Ift physiotherapy as part of a treatment regime? 

The IFT in physiotherapy should be considered a vital part to treat the  the whole treatment of many  conditions like: 

The whole treatment may comprise:

  • Exercises to move stiff joints 
  • Exercises to strengthen muscle groups to support the joints
  • Exercises to stretch injured muscles

Ift physiotherapy is advised by your physiotherapist accordingly.


You can even take IFT physiotherapy at home  at an affordable cost.IFT in physiotherapy offers the electrotherapy for the management of post-traumatic, chronic, and post-surgical pain. This ift physiotherapy treatment has gained immense popularity because of its certain features like: 

  • Pain-free
  • Drug-free
  • Non-invasive way of healing. 

Ift in physiotherapy at home can aid benefit instantly if we apply it every day and it can offer better improved results.

Physiotherapy IFT machine TENS Units  which delivers periodic electric pulses and it stimulates the surface nerves and also helps in blocking the pain signal. The IFT Physiotherapy machine delivers a continual  stimulation deep into the whole affected tissue hence blocking all the pain signals and equally reducing swelling and inflammation which causes the pain. They also stimulate the secretion of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers and aid in relaxing strained muscles and promoting soft-tissue healing.

How to use an IFT Physiotherapy Machine?

The IFT Machine utilizes the important physiological effects of a low frequency (<250pps) electrical stimulation of nerves. These  self-adhesive electrodes are placed on the affected area and upon setting the required interferential mode on it, the interferential current device then starts emitting electrical impulses which are penetrated deep into the skin.

 The underlying tissue and nerves beneath the skin get stimulated which then begin the healing process. The impulses feel like a minor prickle on the skin and leave no side effects behind.

Experienced physiotherapist in Dr.Arti Pain Care Clinic applies all highly advanced physiotherapy methods. To arrange an assessment with Dr. Artis's pain clinic please contact us or call. You can also visit our website. 

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